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Ryan Stevens Harris is an award-winning filmmaker, editor and exhibited artist. He grew up in North Carolina and Ohio, never far from the red glow of his mother's dark room, sketching on his drawing board and inventing stories. Later, he followed his passions by pursuing filmmaking, both in London and at the USC School of Cinematic Arts in Los Angeles. From there he co-founded Fire Trial Films, a boutique production company focused on 35mm production.

Most recently, Harris wrote and directed "Moon Garden", a lush dark fantasy odyssey shot on expired 35mm film stock with vintage lenses that won Best Feature in the "New Visions" section at Sitges along with numerous awards around the world. Nick Allen at hailed the film as being "rife with such hard-worn and graceful touches, from a gifted filmmaker who is primed to share with us more of his dreams". "Moon Garden" was released in arthouse theaters nationwide throughout 2023 and finished on many "Best-Of" lists by year's end.


Multi-talented, Harris edited the Lionsgate scifi blockbuster, "Moonfall" (2022), as well as Netflix releases "2307: Winters' Dream" (2016), "Darc" (2018), and "The Hard Way" (2019). He also cut "Watchtower" (2019), which was nominated for two Emmys and was an Additional Editor and Sound Designer on the war-epic "Midway" (2019), which was #1 at the Box Office upon its release.

Currently Harris splits time between Los Angeles and Rome.

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